Restoration Ecology


AB Ecology Ltd has a wealth of experience in restoration ecology including wetland restoration programmes, riparian revegetation, bush enhancement planting, reserve management plans and weed and pest animal control programmes.  

Our restoration programmes/planting plans are finely tuned to reflect and build on the remaining naturalness of the restoration area. We visit each site and its surrounds to study what might have originally grown here, then we develop a programme that works on facilitating natural regeneration and adding enhancement planting to recreate sustainable and natural features. 

Our weed and pest animal control programmes are robust with detailed control methodology and monitoring programmes. See our gallery for a few of these restoration projects. Many of these areas were highly degraded before our programmes were implemented


Examples of projects


Project name: Manukau Foreshore Reserves Management Plan
Client: Auckland Council

Identification of existing ecosystem components and  their integrity. Identification of management issues and provision of ecological input into objectives and policy for future management strategy.

Project name: Waipuna Headland, Auckland
Client: Auckland Council

Ecological input for landscape development plan and reserve weed management plan at Waipuna Headland reserve.

Project name: Reserve management plans
Client: Auckland Council

Ecological input into reserve management plans for: Owhanake  Reserve on WaihekeIsland; 
Captain Springs  Reserve in Onehunga; Centreway Reserve in Orewa; Dawsons Landing Esplanade Reserve at Snells Beach and Cunard Street Reserve in Avondale. 

Project name: Private sector planting plans
Client: Private land owners

Numerous restoration planting and weed and pest management plans for small and large scale wetland and bush remnants throughout the Auckland and Northland regions.