Environmental  | Conservation Lots

AB Ecology has provided ecological advice to hundreds of private property owners in the former Franklin and Rodney districts (now Auckland, Hauraki and Waikato) and Whangarei district with regard to Conservation/Environmental Benefit Lot Rules in the various district plans. 

These rules allow property owners the opportunity to subdivide and gain an extra title(s) on their property in exchange for protecting an area of significant native bush and/or wetland into perpetuity through a covenant.

We have extensive experience in applications of this sort working closely with your surveyor or planner. We visit your site, assess the remnant and write either the supporting ecological application report or provide a suite of ecological advice on measures that can be taken to improve the quality of your feature to a qualifying standard. This might include fencing to remove stock, weed and pest management programmes or a revegetation programme.
AB Ecology has also provided peer review services for the Conservation/Environmental Benefit Lot Rule from Waikato district through to Whangarei.